About Us

 Welcome to our new webstore!

 PUMPS `n’ UDDER Things are excited to now be doing business in 2020 style but still offering our valued customers the same quality service they have always experienced from our team.

Pumps `n’ Udder Things continues to operate under the Reliant Solutions umbrella.  However, we believe the webstore deserved to be launched under the Pumps `n’ Udder Things brand because the name has been a recognised Southland identity since 1985

There have been a few name changes since the business opened in the 1940s under the banner of Bulloch and Sutherland but one thing has remained the same – offering quality pumping solutions to Southlanders which exceeds expectations.

We understand our locals value quality service and the integrity of a long-standing family-owned Southland businesses.

More than 80 years of experience in the pumping industry means Pumps ‘n’ Udder Things has the knowledge and products to provide the right solutions for you.

We value our reputation for providing pragmatic solutions for a wide range of industries from the agricultural sector through to the householder.

Therefore, we work closely with our clients to ensure each design, install and service of a liquid transfer, filtration system or sale gives full consideration to budgets and site-specific requirements.

Pumps `n’ Udder Things provides:

  • Pumps
  • Water Testing
  • Bore Pumps
  • Surface Pumps
  • Filtration, Treatment
  • Rural Farm Water Reticulation Systems
  • Lifestyle Block Water Supply
  • Dairy Effluent Management Systems
  • Preventive Maintenance Solutions
  • Pumping System Design
  • Service and Installations
  • Pump Selection

Our trained and qualified staff can assist you with the correct pumping equipment for your specific application

Call our customer service team on 03 215 9125 to discover what pumping solutions we can provide for you.


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